The Labyrinth

Within these photos I aim to recreate my childhood days of playing in the forest amongst the trees.

Rambling through The Otway Ranges as child were my favorite memories. Amidst the wild, tall trees is where I found solace. Hiking up hills, skidding along tree trunks, breathing fresh air, filled with the pungent aroma of the tall and might Eucalypt. These forests were my home, my playground, my garden of Eden for make believe, the memories made within this wondrous forest transport me to another time and place.

The aurora a forest radiates, connects with a child’s imagination and builds a space for magical games and fruitful, fantastical adventures.

The sounds within a forest provide a sweet, natural groove, a soundtrack to outdoor adventuring. Birds chirping, leaves crunching, branches swaying and the wind softly blowing. Nature’s flora and fauna speaking to the innocence of a child, these sounds provide a magical wonderland of sounds to decipher and ponder upon.

To breathe in a large breath of fresh Otway air is like a dose medicine, straight from Mother Nature. Filling ones nostrils with fresh notes of the forest. Scent is one of the body’s most powerful senses, and thus so quickly transports once back to that time and place which that scent is attached to in ones memory bank.

Visions of tall tree trunks, spanning for miles high and acres across, typify my childhood. Bark peeling, limbs hanging, leaves falling. A kaleidoscope of coluor bursting through the forest as the sun shines down upon the land.

The series the Labyrinth aims to couple these feelings, these notions and senses I felt as a child, to capture the pure joy and wonder of exploring these special forests.

- Lucille Karenne Photography -
Lucille Karenne Photography -
Lucille Karenne Photography -
Lucille Karenne Photography -